Terms & Conditions for vendors


1. preamble


2. organizer

Antonia Böhlke
Frauenthal 8
20149 Hamburg

3. general information

These General Terms and Conditions apply (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") to all business relations between the organizer and the vendor/exhibitor (hereinafter referred to as "Vendors"). The General Terms and Conditions of the organizer shall apply exclusively. Any deviating, conflicting or supplementary General Terms and Conditions of Business of the vendor shall only become part of the contract if and to the extent that the organizer has expressly consented to their validity in writing. Individual agreements made in individual cases with the vendor (including collateral agreements, supplements and amendments) shall in any case take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions. The content of such agreements shall be governed by a written contract or the written confirmation of the organizer. Legally relevant declarations and notifications to be made by the vendor to the organizer after conclusion of the contract must be made in writing in order to be effective.

4. conclusion of contract and terms of payment

Our offer will be sent with an invoice offer. The offer is valid for max. 5 days. If the vendor accepts the offer, we will send the original invoice which is due immediately. The contract only comes into effect with receipt of payment.

5. approval of products

The organizer shall decide at his own discretion on the admission of the exhibits.

Together with the vendor, the organizer selects the appropriate products which must be stated in the contract/invoice and which are binding. Deviations are only possible after consultation with the organizer.

The organizer is entitled to exclude from the event products which have not been reported in writing and which have not been approved. If the vendor's exhibited products are predominantly inadmissible, the entire contract may be terminated. The obligation to pay the invoice remains unaffected. There is no legal entitlement to admission. With reference to the concept of the event, only products that are demonstrably fair traded, ecologically produced, promote a sustainable lifestyle or otherwise have a sustainable character will be admitted. Presentation material such as coat hangers (preferably branded), stuffing material for bags, jewelry stands, etc. must be coordinated with the organizer in order to preserve the high-quality presentation design.

6. stand space allocation

The space allocation is carried out by the organizer taking into account the concept and the available premises or areas and takes place 1 day before the event.

7. vendor passes

Each vendor receives 1 vendor pass, which is not to be equated with a summit pass. The vendor pass is valid exclusively for the representative person of the exhibiting brand and serves exclusively to represent the brand at the stand. The vendor pass does not entitle admission to the panel talks. Admission to the panel talks is only permitted with a summit pass.

Vendor passes will be issued at the venue. Passing on to third parties is not permitted; in the event of misuse, the vendor pass will be withdrawn without replacement. The vendor passes must be worn visibly during the event. On the days of the event, admission is only possible with vendor passes. Access to the event hall during the construction and dismantling phases is only possible with vendor passes or construction passes. Construction passes, e.g. for additional construction personnel, can be ordered free of charge in advance or can also be issued on site upon presentation of proof of entitlement. Access to the backstage area is only permitted with prior permission.

8. withdrawal, cancellation

The request for withdrawal must in any case be made in writing. It is only valid if the organizer also gives his written consent. The vendor undertakes to pay a cancellation and processing fee of 15% of the total amount, but at least EUR 200.00, in the event of withdrawal until written admission. Cancellation after admission is granted is at the discretion of the organizer. If cancellation is granted after admission has been granted, 50% of the total amount contained in the registration shall be due for payment in the event of cancellation up to 6 weeks prior to the event, 75% up to 4 weeks, and 100% thereafter.

9. guarding, exhibition insurance and exclusion of liability

During and between the days of the event, the organizer will be responsible for guarding the event hall. However, the vendor shall be responsible for supervising and guarding his own stand, including during the construction and dismantling periods, and shall prevent damage, e.g. by taking out suitable insurance cover. The organizer shall not be liable for damage caused by fire, burglary, water damage or force majeure, nor for theft or other loss of exhibits or stand equipment. Outside exhibition opening hours, valuable objects that can be easily removed must be kept under lock and key by the vendor. In the interest of general order, however, all damage resulting from the aforementioned risks must be reported immediately by the vendor to the organizer, in the case of criminal offenses also to the police.

10. sales regulations, food for immediate consumption

Direct sales and online sales on the retail floor are permitted. All sales objects are to be provided with branded hangtags and clearly legible prices. In order to guarantee the sale, the vendor must bring his own digital tablet and ensure that the sale runs smoothly via his own online merchandise and shopping system. Cash is not allowed. Either the customer takes the product with him directly on site or the customer receives the product by delivery (especially if he buys another size or alternative from the online shop). If the customer receives the product directly on site, it is recommended that the customer confirms receipt of the goods. The conclusion of the sale is the sole responsibility of the vendor and the buyer. Shopping bags are available from the organizer. New goods may only be brought to the location after permission by the organizer (for example if the stand needs to be filled up or the customer needs a different size). The vendor must contact the organizer´s team and obtain permission to do so.

The free distribution of samples to exhibition participants and visitors, as well as the sampling of food for immediate consumption on site (gastronomic offer), are permitted after the prior written consent of the organizer as well as with health police approval. The procurement and observance of trade and health permits are the responsibility of the vendor.

The vendor shall regularly dispose of any waste on his own responsibility and in an orderly manner. Persons serving alcoholic beverages must prove that they are in possession of a permit under the law catering licence. Persons involved in the preparation of food must be in possession of a valid health certificate in accordance with the infection protection act.

The vendor offers a discount on the entire merchandise for the duration of the event. The organizer does not claim any commission.

The vendor must make sure and is responsible that he has the legal permission to sell and tax goods in the country where the event takes place.

11. advertising on-site and online

No advertisement material e.g. catalogues, print or any other promotion materials are allowed without our permission.

The organizer will affix the brand name / logo to the respective stand.

The organizer is not obligated to advertise the vendors online or on site, unless this is expressly agreed in the contract. Therefore, the vendors have no claim to online or on-site advertisement. Nevertheless, it is in the interest of the organizer to market and advertise the partners and vendors. The exact nature and timing of the advertising is the sole responsibility of the organizer and may be changed at any time. The vendor agrees that we may place the brand logo on consciousloft.com, the Eventbrite-Ticket and mochni.com, use it for social media to advertise the event and use it in the event print program / catalogue and stand sign.

12. deliveries / collection

All products/goods and other materials must be delivered to the venue 1 day prior to the start of the event. All vendor's exhibition and stand materials must be collected by 12.00 noon on the following day of the event at the latest.

Exhibition goods, goods and superstructures which remain in the hall without prior consultation and marking shall be disposed or stored at the vendor's expense.

13. assembly and dismantling

The exact times for assembly and dismantling will be sent to vendors in good time.

When assembling and dismantling the goods, the vendor must take other vendors into consideration. The floor must be kept tidy at all times with its own waste and packaging material and completely cleared after assembly and dismantling.

The removal of exhibits and goods as well as the dismantling of stands before the end of the event are not permitted. If this is not observed, a contractual penalty of at least €600.00 will be due, unless the organizer releases the event before the end.

The vendor must completely clear the exhibition and sales area during dismantling and return the provided area and objects undamaged and free of defects. Damages must be properly repaired. Otherwise, the organizer shall be entitled to have this work carried out at the expense of the vendor. This shall not affect any further claims for damages.

14. stand design

The stand area is a rented area, depending on the variant booked, which is equipped with furniture and the design is the sole responsibility of the organizer. The organizer is exclusively responsible for the design of the area.

Apart from the goods and associated presentation material (as described in more detail below) and 1 digital tablet for online shopping, the storage of other items on the stand area is not permitted. The presentation material such as hangers (preferably branded), stuffing material for bags, jewelry stands, etc. must be brought along and coordinated with the organizer in order to preserve the high-quality presentation design.

The stand area must be properly and attractively equipped with goods for the entire duration of the event. The stand must be occupied by a maximum of 1 expert representative of the brand. The neighboring vendors must always be taken into consideration, as they must not be hindered in carrying out their business activities.

15. duty to inform

The organizer will affix the brand name to the respective stand.

With reference to the concept of the trade fair, the origin of the goods presented should be transparent, recognizable and comprehensible for the visitors. The vendor undertakes to provide information on all exhibited and offered goods and services, information on their origin and the materials used, as well as production conditions. Furthermore, all products offered for sale must be clearly marked with a branded hang tag and sales price. The vendor must send sufficient information about the brand and the products by the desired deadline.

16. cleaning/waste disposal

The organizer will take care of the general basic cleaning of the event area. The cleanliness and cleaning off the stand is the responsibility of the vendor and must be completed before the start of the event. Packaging materials and waste may not be stored on the stand area.

17. force majeure

If, due to force majeure or for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, the organizer is unable to hold the event, or only partially or only at other times, the organizer must inform the vendor thereof without delay. The vendor shall not be entitled to claim damages or refund of amounts already paid. Should the organizer be in a position to hold the event at a later date, he shall inform the vendor thereof without delay. If the organizer has to shorten or cancel an event that has already begun due to force majeure, the vendor shall not be entitled to repayment or waiver of the stand rent. If a trade fair cannot take place, the organizer is entitled to withhold up to 25% of the stand rent as a processing fee.

18. photography/recording

The organizer is entitled to have photographs, drawings and film footage of the event, the exhibition structures and stands as well as the exhibited objects made and to use them for advertising or press releases. The vendor grants the organizer full rights of use in this respect with his registration. This also applies to recordings made directly by press representatives with the vendor's consent. The protection of copyrights and other industrial property rights is the responsibility of the vendor. A claim by third parties against the organizer for infringement of industrial property rights is excluded. The vendor shall indemnify the organizer against such claims in full.

19. domiciliary rights

The organizer exercises the householder's rights on the entire exhibition grounds for the duration of the event and during the construction and dismantling periods of the event. The organizer, his representatives and the staff of the respective venue are entitled to issue instructions. The instructions of the organizing management, the police, the fire brigade and the regulatory authorities must always be obeyed. Animals are prohibited on the entire exhibition grounds.

20. privacy policy

We store information such as your name, address, email address, EU VAT ID for further communication (CRM, invoicing, mailing). Updates (changes, deletions) of the data can be ordered at any time by e-mail via info@mochni.com. The legal storage obligations for accounting documents will be observed. Read more at consciousloft.com/privacy.

21. place of jurisdiction and applicable law

With the acceptance of the contract, the vendor submits to the General Terms and Conditions, the conditions of participation of the corresponding event, the official regulations as well as the respective house rules and the regulations of the event location.

Place of performance for all contractual obligations and exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Hamburg, Germany. German law shall apply exclusively. All changes must be made in writing. All claims of the vendor against the organizer, for whatever legal reason, which are not asserted in writing and in detail no later than two weeks after the end of the event, shall be forfeited.

August 12, 2019

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